Where to find good character reference sheets (front + side views)?

Hi everyone!

Lately I’ve been looking for good character turnaround/reference sheets that I can use as a reference for 3D modeling 3D. Stuff like this image, for example:

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to find good references. In most cases either the character has different poses on each view (and so the views don’t match), or the front view has a fancy, lively pose (instead of a t-pose) which can’t be used as reference, or the sheet has the 3/4 view but lacks either the front or the side views (which are the ones that I need the most)…

So, do you know where can I find good reference sheets with both front and side views (with a simple pose, like the t-pose)?
Are there websites with archives/collections of this kind of reference sheets?
Can you share good reference sheets that you know of?

By the way, I’m not looking for realistic characters; I’d prefer cartoony or animesque designs…

This website is a gold mine:

Scroll down, there are tons of references.

There are might be times you will spot really good items at Pinterest, though random, you don’t know what you get.

Here is what I do sometimes:
Use Daz|Studio and set up a character the way you want, with morphs, clothes, etc.
Render out the views you need and use those as reference.
You can also do this with Makehuman, Adobe Fuse (?), VRoid Studio, XNALara, etc.

Just search “model sheet” in google😊