Where to get scene props?

Hello does anyone know of some good places to find scene props that are free/cost to use for blender? Ones that are .blend files?


Here are some sites with 3d models that are compatible with blender:

Note: not all assets are free, but these websites I have found more free assets

Blendswap.com is a great resource. You can also often find free products on Turbosquid.com that come in blend files, or some intermediate format like FBX/OBJ/etc.

How can you use FBX/OBJ files in blender?

You can import them to your scene through the File menu. (File > Import > FBX/OBJ/etc). There are a ton of formats Blender supports.

sweet thanks!

Your welcome! I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but if you find the imported files are a little messy (this is often the case for me), I just shared a free Python script that helps do a cleanup pass on imported objects. It does its best to bring you back to “square one” so you can work with it easier in Blender. I’ll leave a link to the thread here, but feel free to DM me with questions.

Awesome appreciate it!