Where to learn Quadruped Rigging and animating

I’m learning rigging and animating. I am pretty new to this, have basic knowledge and want to improve it, but there is very little tutorials about rigging and animation for Blender. There are some human tutorials, free and paid where you can get some basic logic, but there isn’t detailed tutorial about quadruped. Only basic - Deformation bones, IK constraint.
I’m want to learn how to rig hips, tongue, ears, so they “bounce” when walking, running etc., ribs so you can make quadruped breath and so on.
How did you learn it? Tutorials, books…? Anything is welcome.

Ask the big G for “blender quadruped rigging”… over 50.000 answers…
anyway the principle is the same learn to move one leg … with body … oposite sides… arm or forleg… ripps included… you have a lonf way before you (or look at rigify, but it’s good to understand the basics of rigging).

I did but mostly they are very basic - Deform rig, and some simple constraints, and there are some tutorials for Maya etc. but not for Blender.

Rigging is a very complex topic and every 3D software has it’s own solutions and vocabulary (bone/armature). So the only way to really understand the topic is to se for basic tuts, advanced tuts, compare other software (even is only on video) and decide which tutor or book to follow and even to pay for the knowledge. There are for example many videos in english, which i barely understand, because some of the non native english speakers are maybe understandable for the other nonenglish speaker of ther own country ans some tips are nothing else as the repeatition of the user manual.
So i’m afraid you have to learn it the hard way. The only tip i can give is: don’t bother to much and don’t follow stupid tutorials.
[And right now i notice that there are differen R’s talking :wink: ]

I found right here (okay older and i haven’t look) on BA:

And considering tuts:

So this is not really a unsolveable problem.

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I see. There is no exacty way and principles, but I will try then to better understand from human rigging and so on. There is for example really good Maya tutorial for dog rig, but I found it very hard to follow since I never used Maya or anything beside Blender.
But with those questions links you posted and those tutorials it may be easier way.
Thank you for your time and detailed answer. Greatly appreciated :smile: