Where to post feature requests for future releases?

As the topic says, I can’t find anything on Blender3d.org to help.

Does anybody know where I should post a request.



I have just posted them in the news & chat section at .org and have gotten some replies. Whether they actually go anywhere from there, I don’t know.

You may want to just email broken or one of the mods at the .org site with the request and where/who to send it to.


here’s the Wiki link for features proposals.

Joeri is maintaing a special page, also on blender3d.org: feature request page

Please be sure to read everything before posting your requests :wink:

There is no official feature request function at the blender foundation.
Developers spend there own time and money in blender and don’t realy need to be told what to do. So where does that take us?

Feature requests can be presented on your own site.
Tell people at elysiun or blender.org you’ve made a great proposal. With some luck a developer gets inspired by it. (I’ve seen wiki links to good external documents).

Feature requests can be presented on elysiun.com
Start a topic with the request, users will say Hee and Bah, developers will read the loudest and implement the features they wanted to implement anyway.

Feature requests can be discussed on the Interface & Tools forum at blender.org
I’m tracking these requests to list on blender3d.com.
Developers know pretty well what the weak spots of blender are, any hint of improvement will most of the time get as many different ideas as there are avatars.

Blender feature tracker
Not sure what this is about, seems all ever requested features where here and made me wonder why there is a list on blender3d anyway. But now it seems empty so I’m not giving the url.

Blender wiki
Become member of the project part to add to the wiki. If you have a good solid plan (not a flimsy idea) contribute it here.
Where the devs hide
Although anyone can add, these are mostly features that are worked on. Don’t make lot of noise here, this is where work is being done.

See a FR I missed? submit a link, not the request itself, here http://www.blender3d.com/cms/Feature_Requests.500.0.html


Many thanks for all your help, I’ve posted at Blender3d.org.