Where to set the keymap for context menu in edit mode?

hi all, i can’t find the preferences for edit mode context menu anywhere, the thing under the right mouse button in edit mode, can anyone help?

i found the preference for Object mode context menu and was able to change it to ctrl-RMB. but no luck in edit mode and i’ve looked everywhere. this is the last thing stopping me from putting rotate viewport view on RMB


I think this is what you want…

Make sure that key bindings are not used somewhere else or you will get problems…activate the Is Key Free addon and you can check all the RMB press to check…

thanks but that doesn’t do anything, still getting menu on right mouse click. i changed area options to ctrl right mouse but menu still coming up on right mouse, i also check ctrl alt shift cmd right mouse just to be sure no conflict but no.

i think i need to find the one that sets edit mode rotate view, this works only for object mode

PS i just realize the title of this post is very misleading, what i should have asked is how to change 3d view rotate in edit mode

I found a fix. Keymap > 3D view > Mesh > Mesh(Global) > Call Menu. That’s the edit mode context keymap. :slight_smile:


awesome, now i have view rotate on RMB in object and edit modes, thanks so much, now i don’t have to switch my brain when working with ‘normal’ apps like 3dsmax, unity, cura, etc

You sir are a lifesaver!!! been spending all night to figure this out.