where to submit ideas for developments ?

Hi all !

I guess this question have already been asked, but neither the search in this forum nor the googling on the question gave me an answer.

I’d like to find a place where to submit ideas for feature enhancement on blender to those people who develop the core of blender. Am not a python developper for myself. But as a blender user, i often think to myself << ah this would help a lot to have this or this feature >>
What i just need is a place where to post those ideas. Mebe a forum so that i can deeply explain what i think of if needed, or so that i can exchange with developpers for setting up the feature in blender, just like i already did in BA with ppl developping addons.

thanks in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

and happy blending !

The Blender core isn’t coded in python, but C. Of course, you don’t need to know either of it to see what could be improved.

But there’s already plenty of ideas, and a very limited amount of developers. And even millions of dollars wouldn’t solve the problem, that someone needs to actually implement things - not to mention that people / devs need to agree on proposals.

If your idea is well thought out, and you wanna spend the time to write a proper proposal / design document, go here:

and ask for writing permission. It’s nothing official, but chances are higher that developers look through such a document if it’s well organized, in a single location.


thanks Richard and CodemanX for your replies :slight_smile:

yes i can imagine there is 1000 ppl requesting features for 1 coder :wink: However, what i’m thinking of is not a real new feature, it’s just ideas of enhancements. I know that some simple ideas can be tedious to code, and big changes are sometimes easier… but as i’m not ( yet ) dreaming of the 1 button blender marked << make and render my very own Avatar film >> i think the ideas are worth beeing discussed, or at least known by the dev team. After this they will estimate wether or not it’s worth the time.

happy blending all :slight_smile: