Where to watch Venom's Lab?

I was going to download Venom’s Lab but the files are WAY too big. So now I’m asking, does anybody know a website where I can watch it? This link here has all of the blender training DVD’s, except Venom’s Lab: http://blendergroupie.blip.tv/#729604

If anybody knows a site where I can watch it, please reply.

How many threads will you open here for your selfish needs? Can you post your news somewhere else, please?

I’ve posted plenty of threads about other things, like tutorials that I’ve made. I’ve made over 40 tutorials about blender, so I think I’m giving more to the blender community than you.

Which doesn’t give you a license to be snotty, though.

Ontopic: dunno, sorry.

Yeah, you’re right. I just thought this being the blender forum, that I could get some help without people thinking that I’m being selfish. I just want to gain some knowledge, nothing more.

Bravo, spoken like a true rent seeker

Uncle Entity, isn’t that sort of the open license system that Blender (not Venom Labs) is based on. I remember seeing Blender for sale recently, I guess it is confusing (for some) that Blender is FREE but other materials are not (and some more are sort of free-ish).

I agree though that this seems more like squatting (living in someone elses house for free), just because you can take advantage of someone, doesn’t mean you should.

What’s not ‘free’ about a Creative Commons license?

The way I see it, if they didn’t want people to share it on the bittorrent, vimeo, etc then they wouldn’t have given it a license that allows these sorts of things.

I can’t even think of a good analogy to demonstrate how free == free.

They are not extremely big. The FLV-files are at resolution of 640x400, and the details are hard to see. The AVI-files are bigger, but easier to follow. You need to adjust the volume level too, so it is much better to have the files at your disc, than watch them online. Usually watching them online means the same amount of data to be transferred, and if you don’t remember to save the stream, it is all gone wasted when you close your browser.

In this scenario what would be handy is the ability to stream through YouTube/Vimeo a version of the DVD WITH fixed audio that anybody can access from any internet connection on any OS/Platform without having to installing a suitable media player with built-in audio correction tools.

I’d like to also add that even if I purchased the DVD, it’s highly unlikely that I’m going to carry it with me everywhere I go, just in case I need to glean something from it. I can think of situations where being able to just point a browser to YouTube or Vimeo would be very useful.

It’s for these very reasons that I downloaded the torrent and manually fixed every single chapter in it, and then uploaded it to YouTube.

To explain why I’ve finally made the videos public, here goes:

1.) Pablo & the Blender Foundation chose to give Venom’s Lab a CC license, in order to allow folk to rework the files, content, and then use/share it. If they didn’t want torrents/uploads/streams to happen, they should/would have chosen different licensing. Sorry, but it’s as simple as that.
2.) A torrent for the complete DVD has already been active now for some time, so even if the clips aren’t on YouTube/Vimeo, folk can still go and get the entire DVD if they want… and I can’t stop them.
3.) I am only uploading the videos. I have not made available, textures, blend files, bonus materials or anything else - thus I haven’t offered up the entire DVD for consumption. There’s a lot that can be learned by having the actual blend files.
4.) I have contributed by means of taking a fair chunk of my time to correct and upload the clips - at my expense (broadband bill), so that in the spirit of Blender and CC-Licensing I have ‘tidied up’ learning material to improve it and help other users.

Here’s the Playlist link.
Venom’s Lab On YouTube (HD)

Thank you so much man! :slight_smile: