where we can download importer/exporter addons for blender?

There are several file formats that blender cannot import/export.
So, i’m asking to learn where we can download importers and exporters for blender.

Is there any site focused on uploading importers and exporters (plugins) for blender?

Please let me know every site that does that.
If you know any don’t hesitate to post your reply even if the post is already answered.
(except if the site that you know is already told by someone.)



For a specific importer/exporter use google search

Thanks Richard!
It have got alot file formats.

If someone know any similar sites like that let me know.


edit: the most importers/exporters are not 100% accurate.
the materials are missing when i export and i carefull the export settings as well as the import settings.

only blender’s already installed fbx imp/exp is 100% accurate.

does any know where i can find accurate importers/exporters that export the material settings correct?


does any know where i can find accurate importers/exporters that export the material settings correct?

if you will not tell us the file formats YOU NEED

there is really nothing more

WHAT mesh formats and produced from WHAT program AND it’s version
– mesh formats for closed source proprietary formats DO change over time

i need a accurate .obj exporter (sometimes the .obj exporter creates extra materials that i never made and it gives them names like “PJ19827” using textures from other materials, after all excepting only that it’s a good exporter.
a accurate .3ds exporter (the given exporter does not export materials so the models haven’t got textures)
a accurate .dae exporter.
(sometimes the .dae exporter does not export the normal maps but it will always export right the spec and diffuse maps)
and (optional) a accurate .lwo lightwave object. (i don’t really need a .lwo exporter right now but i may need it later)


just tested this and materials exported then imported fine? textures maybe not but materials work fine.

Hahh, yeh, so… there have been many attempts to get the COLLADA exporter up to scratch, each time someone takes on the challenge they realise that every program has their own implementation of the spec and to deal with each programs qwerks is just too much.

Is there a reason why you need to support all these formats? could you pick one and focus on making sure that pipeline works between applications?

You’re right for the .3ds, the materials exported right but the textures are not.

Maybe the best idea was that who you said, to focus on 1 working format.
But what format is low size, can run animation, lights and particles in the same time it is easy to edit?

Another good idea is to fix the .3ds exporter-importer.

edit: i don’t need the .3ds importer exporter but the .obj importer exporter.

the .obj exporter sometimes adds materials that you haven’t made and it use textures on them from other materials.
i don’t know why does this happens.

Particles wont be supported by most of those file formats…

You should look into the gooseberry / alembic builds and see if alembic (.abc) will suit your purpose.

Maybe you should show the .blend or some pics, because otherwise we only could guess what happened.
Also from what program you export maybe significant.

i export the scene from blender to .obj but
sometimes it adds some materials that i never created.
(sometimes just black or white and some others it use other material’s textures)

You should supply physical examples (blend files etc) and explain exactly what you want. Saying an ‘exact’ or ‘accurate’ exporting is not good enough. What is your final goal, where and how are you going to use these exported files. The only 100% export format from blender is as a .blend file. Each file format itself has limitations, what is important, what isn’t. The more practical information you can supply the better rather than having to end up going backwards and forwards eeking out bits of info.

exporting the mesh as .obj i get extra materials that i didn’t add as you can see below:

the materials with the numbers, the empty material (the 2nd one) and the material called “black_color” which it is not black was added at the export by themselves.
i didn’t add those materials, they have been added by themselves

here is another image before export to .obj

why is this happen?