Where ya from?

Wait… where is western europe? Y’know… France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, The Netherlands… ?

looks like western europe got under “other”, wuahaaahaaa

Lol…sorry 'bout that:p

I probably shoulda put more options.


Soccerwise, of course:D

no central America? anyway I don’t care

Aussie Rules! After all we do produce more elite sportsmen/women/teams per head than any other country in the world. (not including the kiwis we steal).:rolleyes:

Oh yeah did ya guess where i’m from mate.:smiley:

We don’t ‘steal’ NZers, we give them a better life. As chosen by us :p.

I was born in VIc, as was my mother. My father originated in NSW. Tomorrow he heads back up that way for a visit, and the day after I head down to Tas (also for a visit).

Ha ha! Remember, we live in jungles (or so Spielberg believes) and electricity is witchcraft. Here be dragons (but once you’ve slain them you get lots of cheap labor.)

omg you forgot IRELAND … how dare you… :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

if from… you guessed it… Ireland!



Long live Ireland:D

They supply me with the two things I enjoy most: Beer and comedians:p

Dumb me, I always forget about the important stuff :rolleyes:
Actually, Ireland was the first English-speaking community we learned about in our English classes. Quite an interesting history I can say, and now I understand the “Zombie” song by the Cranberries.

@FadieZ: It’s alright. But you DID forget about a veeeeeeeeeeeeery important piece of our world. Europe is the mother of all that is! Or at least, Europe was quite important throughout human history (especially starting from about 1000 bC up to now)

Welll I could have posted only European countries and written “other” for the rest of the world but I’m assuming I probably would have gotten a few more complaints than now:p

I’m from Florida in North America…

Yay me.

yea they are not bad…i am actually fond of the holland soccer team…Robben and Van nisterooly are among my favourite but the best is Patrick Kluivert… Holland RULES!!

Chile… it’s in South America if you didn’t know… and now you do…

Hola…como estas:D

:eek:ahhh!!!, a Norwegian! :eek: