Where your head at, WIP

(luckybreak) #1

Hi this is my 1st model in blender nothing great but it’s the most advanced thing I have attempted in any 3d program. Let me know where it is out of whack or if its just plain wack.


Modelling it has given rise to two questions:
1.when it come to mirroring the sides of the head I have been using the duplicate then scale X to -1 trick. Is there a way to just work on one side and have the mirrored side constantly update kinda like parented vertices.

2.I want to keep in mind animating, I figured s-mesh would be good for this as the basic mesh is simpler to compute, then hit subsurf x2 for the render, is this how people work? or do you convert to a denser mesh before setting up facial animations.

Oh and would it have been smarter to extrude the lips as I can’t get much definition - I guess i should have posted this lot in Q&A

(blengine) #2

pretty great lookin! nice nostrils and eyelid area… looking good so far…looks a bit flat, but it might be because theres no back of the head yet =)

(harkyman) #3

Faces are tough. I haven’t tried one yet. Yours is coming along fine. It does seem a bit flat like imgrandpaboy mentioned, but there’s plenty of time to fix that. As for your questions…

  1. Mirrored modelling. There are many posts and a few tutorials on how to do it, but here it is in a nutshell: a) start one half of your model b) make an instance (linked duplicate) of it by hitting alt-d. c) do the scale x -1 trick that you already know. d) go back into edit mode - all of your edits will be duplicated on the other mesh! e) when you’re done, join the meshes and remove doubles.

  2. Yes. This is how I work. Also, I noticed that you said s-mesh. Are you using Blender Creator 2.23? If so they’re subsurface subdivisions. I’m not being a semantics prick, it’s just that s-mesh is what they used to be called in previous versions and were not implemented as well as they are now. I made a kind of lengthy post elsewhere on this forum that included the benefits (IMHO) of using subsurfs. You can find it here if you care to:


As far as extruding for the lips goes… I think that’s what I would have done. Selected the vertices, viewed the model from the side, set an appropriate rotation point, extruded, then hit rotate and moved the verts until I was happy. I made a really nice set of nesting, folding eyelids that way.

BTW, you’ve got something to show, so I think that this is just fine in I Made This.

Keep it up!

(valarking) #4

VERY nice work. the head is a bit flat, but the seems to come from the fact that it’s a bit wider than a normal human head.

(luckybreak) #5

Thanks! Great comments, your right valarking and imgrandpaboy I’ll need round out the face. And harkyman, all my answers in one post. cool. As for Sub-surfs and s-meshes I thought they are one and the same, but then I thought they were nurbs to begin with. :slight_smile: I was gonna say Sub-surfs like it is on the 2.23 edit button but then I looked in the manual and changed my post. thanks for clearing that up.

Cheers luckybreak

(valarking) #6

i SERIOUSLY DOUBT that’s your first blender model. ya freakin right

(luckybreak) #7

Ha OK you got me I made some eyeballs but that was copying a tute. And I did try the Fun with nurbs mouse Tute but didn’t get far. And I have made crappy heads in other programs.
I still consider it my first Blender model.
Hmm well first project I guess.
Satisfied Mr King :wink:


(stephen2002) #8

you are much better off using SubSurf than nurbs in Blender. The face is looking good, but is rather flat.

Some comments, watch out for the proportions. The nose looks a little bit too close to the upper lip, and the chin looks way too big to me.

(luckybreak) #9

Great to have feedback people :smiley:
Here is what I have done up to now, Ive tried to sort out the wideness and flatness and scale in the chin/mouth(maybe not enough?)

Because of the faces flatness it proved awkward to shape out the skull. Is it too skull-like?
Thanx lucky

(slikdigit) #10

much better! some crits:
“lift” the skull. the bottom of it should line up a bit higher, around the nose level, the forehead should make it so the eyes are in the middle roughly of the head. the mouth is a bit too wide, as is the chin, and the nose needs to flare out at the top and the bottom a bit more. just tweak the nose around till you like it, in fact.

(harkyman) #11

Cool. It’s Christopher Walken!

(valarking) #12

looks better, though i think the face’s features are a bit sharp.