Where's my animation

So this is going to sound stupid but where does my animation go after i animate it.

Mine ends up in F: emporary

I believe you can change it in the output section under the render tab in the buttons menu. If you can’t find it I would recommend naming the file something you will know and doing a search on your computer for the name of the file. I am not a 100% if the output section changes it I just left it on the default settings.

I hope this helps

It is actually a common question. Generally it goes here -

I looked in there and it has the images of each frame but no video.

must have rendered it out as frames/ pics then
you can pull the sequence into the sequence editor (space --> image sequence, then select your pics)

or you could just render it out as a .mov or a .avi jpeg (or avi compressed) or ffmpeg :smiley:

What AMDBCG said.

Here is some information on output formats and the Video Sequence Editor.
Use the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ links at the foot of the page to find more( or the search box).



Well, its an animation, so maybe it runs off somewhere and you need a leash.

ps-thanks for the links, organic. You get a cookie - Oreo Double Stuff. enjoy!