Which ADD-ONS to use for remeshing hard surface objects (CAD)?


I want to know which ADD-ONS are actually intended to Remesh hard surface objects (CAD), and which preserve edges or thin features?

When I import LWO file on Blender 2.83x and 2.91 I have a lot of Ngons and Tris mesh.

LINK addon Import LWO: [https://github.com/nangtani/blender-import-lwo]

But when I import LWO file on Blender 2.49b I not have any Ngons and Tris mesh.

RDC_Clean up.lwo (25.0 KB)

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If you want the same result as in your image from 2.49 ( with ngons but no tris) you need no addon. Just use limited dissolve. Go to edit mode and select all faces the go to the mesh menu->clean up-> limited dissolve.

Do you model in lightwave?

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Thank you for your answer Ztreem.
Tool on the mesh menu->clean up-> limited dissolve, resolves in approximately 85%.

I am not model in Lightwave.

Weird. The importer addon should convert all ngons to tris. This is because blender cannot support keyhole ngons, which LW has, and there is no (that I could find) way of isolation only the keyhole ngons, so all ngons are converted.

I have had no feedback on this, I was thinking of keeping the current action as the default, but allow the ngon triangulation to be disabled, with the keyhole ngons glitches, which is what used to be the case.

Thank you very much for your answer.