Which blender opens the files?

Since installing blender 2.24 for the purposes of learning game engine, i have found that this version has become the version that opens all .blend files by default and that sometimes when I open a .blend file from inside the application Blender 2.37a, a fatal error or similar is created and blender has to close.

Is there any way of overriding this and making 2.37a (and eventually when we have a stable version fo 2.40, that one!) the main application that opens .blend files? Is it because I have installed the programs ina silly way ad how can this be overcome?


the 2.37a installer associates .blend files with itself

… since I can’t be bothered to look up the command line switch to do that again, you can go into tools->folder options [in windows explorer or my computer] go to the file types, select .blend hit the advanced button, select the open action and hit edit and change it to start the blender 2.37a exectuable instead of the 2.24 one

… or run blender.exe -R

Yeah, sure…
(I’m presuming you’re using Windows)
Open My Computer.
Click Tools->Folder Options->File Types.
Scroll down until you see the BLEND file type, and select it.
Click change.
Browse to find the correct version of Blender to open the file.
Make sure ‘always use the selected program to open this type of file’ is selected.
‘OK’ it all!
Hope that helps!

EDIT: Darn, pipped to the post!