Which Blender version should I start?

Hello just a question:

They did made a lot of different kinds of versions of this program and now soon comes the 2.80 version so which of the version should I go with to download?

Do all of it have the same options as the older versions? :eyebrowlift:

now soon… is most probably a revolution or two of the planet we’re on around the nearest star
use the one that has your name on itblender.org - download and start doing

are you still the same person that wrote the above post? :wink:

use the latest official version (2.79), only go backwards if you are having issues and want to do troubleshooting.

DO NOT start with 2.8. that is a very early version for curious people and developers. it will probably not work half the time. when it does work, only half the features will work since its not half done yet.

The above post?

I don’t think I know what you mean by that sorry :no:

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Yes it was although I haven’t been here for quite a while due to my overtime shifts in my reality but I’ll hope to be back up here and posting some help hopefully :slight_smile: