Which builtin 2D filters do you use?

I am interested in knowing what 2D filters are actually being used. It seems to me the built in 2D filters are bloated with underused filters at the moment, and I want to see if some can be removed (or at least moved to either a wiki page or add on).

I find all the built in ones useless for me at least, mainly due to not being able to either tweak them or alter them during run-time with property’s and floats at least not to my knowledge and their a bit pony if were being honest. Custom is the way to go I think or maybe best to leave them but publish the code for each one to the wiki as you say :wink:

It might be best to add in some of the more standard filters. Perhaps once we get down-sampling, SSAO, SSGI, bloom, and depth of field could be built-in. I don’t personally use any of the built-in ones (not because I think they’re bad - I just don’t do much with built-in filters). Sepia, desaturate, and invert should be useful, though. I think I recall Erosion and Dilation being cool-looking, as well.

As a side-note, it would be cool if we could access 2D filters via Python directly rather than a logic brick. It feels a little awkward to use a brick just to plug in a string and activate it.

All of them are useless,only grayscale is good. We should have optimized filters like bloom,ssao,vignette blur as builtin.

Ironically, none of them are useless to me except Greyscale.^^
Though I don’t use any of them. I like the Sharpen-Filter, reminds me of Silent Hill 4. Erosion and Dilation do indeed look cool, but I guess they are only useful for cartoonish looking Visuals.

I am not really sure whether any one individual can say that they are useless; only that they don’t use them (as Kupoman suggests). However, perhaps on a slightly off-topic suggestion I believe that even if more commonly used filters such as Bloom or SSAO were added, they too would be “useless” unless a shader uniform panel were added (which I believe you’ve proposed yourself) to allow the parameters of the shader to be modified.

Being able to set uniforms on built in filters is on my to do list for phase 2 of Harmony (in fact I might do that after I wrap up the small improvement I am working on now).

It sounds to me like most of the filters can be moved to some secondary location to declutter the current list of built in filters (making some room for more useful ones).

Just to keep track so far, the filters mentioned as possibly useful so far are:

  • Grayscale/sepia (can probably be handled as one filter with adjustable uniforms)
  • Invert
  • Sharpen
  • Blur
  • Dilation
  • Erosion

Where is everybody complaining about BGE? They want it better,but they do nothing about it. Atleast check these Development related threads and VOTE!

12 Votes?? LOL

Blur and Motion Blur will be the only build-in filters I will be using, I think. If realtime ambient occlusion, anti-aliasing and depth of field were built-in I would certainly make use of these too. I would use anti-aliasing instead of blur though.

In fairness I’ve not voted as I use none of them

I think agoose77 has a point, the vote count is probably so low because you have to select at least one option xD.

Things got better,more vots showed up.

I have never tried them. Would love to see DOF and different AA filters built in :slight_smile:

Dilatation looks interesting, makes things look Gouache like.

i not use it, but i found pretty cool :

motion blur
erosion -> to make cartoon effect, but not make it too well… (changing material to toon make it better)

(blur prbably not work on my PC)

this here at least redundant(seem the same thing)

MarcoIT, yes those four are all doing edge detection. If you look at the sharpen filter code it is actually doing almost the same thing as the laplacian filter, just 1 number is different.

double post

With the new improvements,wil it be possible to create a motion blur like that found in Crysis? Actual motion blur it is not actually a motion blur at all.

I never use the built in filters, maybe if they offered some customization. Like controlling the blur amount.


I would use the built in filters more if they would let us control them with properties. i think the Septia and grayscale would be really nice if we could have some control over fading them in and out.

Wish I could at least find an example using a script to control them with a property.

Just snapping them on and off looks really bad. I mean , maybe snap them on for a pause menu, but when you resume the game, a quick fade out would look really professional.

where ? :eyebrowlift: i not found it .

should be visible in a normal blender release ?