Which Camera for 500-600 € ?

I want to buy a digital reflex foto camera, what should i go for ? sony,canon,olympus ?

One guy at a shop reccomended me an olympus E-520 http://www.olympus.es/consumer/dslr_digital_slr_e-520_19285.htm , over the canon on the same price, he sais id had many more new features , and it was a very nice camera.

I dont want it for professional use as im no profesional, and pro cameras cost a lot more , i just want a nice reflex camera that can shot great pictures.

Any suggestions ?


“Great pictures” are made by the photographer, not the camera :-).

Regarding your specifications: Every current (major brand) camera in that price segment will fullfil your needs. There are subtle differences but as you are not aware of them they don’t do well as a discrimination argument.

My advice: Try and feel as many cameras as you can at friends or shops, some even will allow you to take them over for a day or a weekend (well… maybe not in that price segment). Take the one you feel most comfortable with. As the technical differences are low there is too much “feeling” and “liking” involved to give qualified advice from the distance.

I like Pentax, though, which is missing in your list :-).

The only thing I don’t like about the Olympus digitals is that they typically use XD memory cards rather than the more common SD. For me it meant I had to buy separate memory cards for the different things I’ve got that use them. Otherwise great cameras, I guess.

Are you requiring SLR? (and why…)

If you’re looking at a DSLR then perhaps look at Nikon D80 or the new Nikon DSLR that takes HD vid as well, Canon EOS range or Fuji Finepix but read proper independent camera magazine reviews first before buying.

Features is one thing, whether you need them or use them is another, filter the gimmiks from the real ‘features’, do a lot of reading, get a few specialist camera magazines and read the reviews over a few months, check the ratings in the lists at the back of the magazines. Then choose the one that gives you what you want at the price you can afford, look out for reductions on end of line models that rated well.

If you’re not into photography why not go for a bridge or compact?

How 'bout this one? (long review warning). Very well-featured and below the price range (you can get it between $200-$300).

It is not a reflex camera (DSLR), so it is something differnt than TK wanted. And with the small chip (and it is especially small at the Panasonic with only 1/2.5") the image quality is MUCH below the quality DSLR deliver. (Which is not because DSLR deliver better quality per se, but because all DSLRs have much bigger chips than all compact cameras with the exception of the Sigma DP1.)

Well, current DSLRs tend to be rather pricy, that’s why I suggested what I suggested. It provides far more control than my point-and-shoot PowerShot (Canon) and yet I am able to take some great pictures with it (the Canon one, that is), so this should be more than good enough, especially if it’s not professional usage.

Anyway, recommend one yourself, or I’m willing to send him an old SLR film camera I have. Brand new Minolta :stuck_out_tongue:

Canon XTI

The original poster asked for a DSLR in a specific price range. It goes beyond my imagination to recommend a point and shot within a different price segment then. As the image quality of every DSLR, even the cheapest and the oldest ones, exceed the image quality of point and shoots (and bridge cameras, which have the same tiny chips) by far, there is even a very good reason for such a decision, even if a DSLR is not the right camera for everyone and every situation. And it still does not automagically take great pictures as no camera can do that.

And I wrote in my first post why I will NOT recommend a specific brand or model (I would for P&S, but not for DSLR).

Well, there goes my hope for a Take Great Picture mode.

The only other one is a little higher for about 1k us dollars is the Casio Exilim pro it has a CMOS Sensor that you would get in a DSLR high end zoom RAW image shooting. DLP Review.com is a good starting point.

The point is, not to buy a camera with many options or very BIG zoom. The point is- BUY A CAMERA WITH CARL ZEISS OR LEIKA OPTICS:cool::yes::yes:. Buy one… Then, you’ll thank me;)

I agree, experts always says that good lenses are more important than a good camera.

Originally Posted by christiani_if http://blenderartists.org/forum/images/ba-buttons/viewpost.gif
The point is, not to buy a camera with many options or very BIG zoom. The point is- BUY A CAMERA WITH CARL ZEISS OR LEIKA OPTICS:cool::yes::yes:. Buy one… Then, you’ll thank me;)

I agree, experts always says that good lenses are more important than a good camera.

As with everything it’s a trade off. Sensor size, glass, ease/speed of operation, manual features, output formats, price.

But DSLR’s are body + lense(s). You’re not buying a camera with a fixed lense so that it MUST BE A CARL ZEISS blah blah. When or if you can afford to squander cash on top quality glass and even those BIG names are a mixed bag, there are many 3rd party manufacturers producing quality lenses to suit your pocket, purpose, ie macro photography, telephoto, zoom etc requirements and price for the major mounts, like Canon, Nikon etc.

Just be careful with cheaper DSLRs where the autofocus motors are in the lenses not the body of the camera, ie comparison between Nikon D40 & D80 and above because it will add additional cost on each additional AF lense purchased and reduces the number of lenses to choose from for your mount, you can with the slightly more expensive DSLRs ie D80 Canon EOS, use older AF and manual lenses on the body as well buying decent 2nd user stock from a reputable supplier of coarse, saving some cash.

Sometimes it just pays to do some proper research. Pay a little more for a decent body, upgrade the lense later as money allows and at the point that you can actually recognise a flaw in your photos attributable to the quality of your optics and when you can with such a critical eye spot a top quality lense from a good quality one bundled with a decent DSLR. Canon, Nikon etc produce good lenses, quality optics and smooth, quiet operation anyway.

Well… there are some compact cameras with lenses labelled Carl Zeiss or Leica… still even a cheap kit lens with a beginner’s DSLR still delivers better quality.

Btw even then one must be willing to pay for the difference of lens quality. I would recommend to begin with a kit lens (they are around 30€ additionally) and then see what ones needs are - quality, wide angle, telephoto, macro. One only can see this when developing photo skills and needs, not possible to think of this in advance.

Well, I like Cannon. ITs durable, high quality and its specilized in Cameras (I’m not really familiar with Olyimpus).

I dont know which one to recommend but it should have option of total manual control and huge lens so it takes in lot of light, fast operation from taking a picture and taking the next
. well if you deside to go pro later and then go oh dammit i got this, would s%&#. 500-600 is enough for pro cam in my opinion