Which display pen tablet do you recommend as next best alternative to Cintiq 13 for Blender Sculpt?

Huion Kamvas 13
XP Pen Artist 12
Bosto 16HDT 15.6 inch

i used 13, 12, & 15.6 respectively for the tablets because they are on the same price range (US$240-250)

if your recommendation is not listed above, please state the brand.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

The xpen deco pro small is great for minimizing desk clutter

wow that is cheap. does it have display bro?

No it does not but x-pen does have a model with a display i have heard good thibgs about

by the way bro, any idea why wacom cintiq pro 13 is more expensive than wacom cintiq 16?