Which Display Tablet brand is better in terms of performance & durability XP Pen or Huion?

Hey guys, i’m planning to buy a display tablet for christmas. but i’m on a budget so i don’t think i could buy Wacom.

Can you please recommend which between the two is a bang for the buck?

Other brand recommendations are welcome-please specify the model.

thanks in advance guys

I had a XP Pen 15 for about 3 years now, Had no issues with the hardware at all… I think it was a very smooth experience…

Only thing about mine is the offset of the pen and the cursor. But it really didnt stop me from drawing/ sculpting.

I’ve used this XP-Pen for a whole year now.

It’s worked well for me and my needs, the only trouble I’ve had, is the pen sometimes choosing to stop working, it seems to be a driver related issue, because rebooting the PC, and/or opening up the XP-pen settings app seems to fix it. In regards to durability, it’s good, other than the dial sometimes becoming loose for some reason, after a few turns it goes back to normal.

It is my first experience with a screen tablet, so I can’t judge it against others, but for me I don’t notice any real parallax at all. So I’m personally very happy with this tablet. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using a Huion Pro 24 for a for days.

So far i’m pretty impressed. Parallax is quite big, that’s the major downside that comes to mind.

The 4K Wacom is probably a lot nicer (and 2X the price), but for what i need to do, so far, so good! Drivers fell solid, quality seems in line with the price point.

I’ve got problems with Huion and XP-Pen in ZBrush. Both have viewport navigation lags. Wacom works fine.
No problems in Photoshop, Maya and Substance Painter. Huion pen buttons are noticeably harder to press.
Vote for Wacom.

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my prob with wacom is that it’s too pricey i can’t afford. :frowning:

There were only problems in ZBrush. I tested it on two computers.

Wacom does have budget options. You don’t really need the biggest or most expensive ones. Really.

My original one was Graphire 4 Classic in the A6 size for the work area and it was perfectly fine for drawing and sculpting. Used it from late 2005 to about 2013 or so.

It’s still functional BTW. Just felt like it was time to get something else and while the Wacom cintiq 12wx that I now use is fine in some respects it was actually easier to work with the smaller size of the Graphire.

In fact, after testing different screen tablets, I changed my mind about buying this. In my work, I have to use different software at the same time. It is much more useful to have 2 monitors and a keyboard with a mouse close. As a result, I chose the usual A5 Intous with bluetooth.

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by the way bro. are graphics tablets even really needed in digital sculpting? like stylized characters but not to the point that it has detailed engraving or some sort. like for example just sculpting a human where your details is only upto the head details like the lip shapes, no need to even go to the lip’s skin details.

Must have. I have no idea how to sculpt without a tablet. Any cheap Wacom will do for a start. A4, A5, A6 - personal preference. Most of the artists I know prefer the A5. Specifically for simple sculpting IMO, the pressure sensitivity is not very important. I worked with Bamboo, now Intous Pro, I don’t feel much difference in my tasks. Bluetooth is very useful