Which fonts do you use?

I was wondering which fonts other blenderists use in their documents, when they code, which they prefer on a printed paper,…

I, myself, use following fonts:

For titles mostly AucoinLight (with a shadow i possible) or Dragonfly
For body text I use Georgia (Times New Roman if it’s for school - Times is obligatory over there).
I use Bitstream Vera Sans Mono for coding and .txt files.
Sometimes I also use Rage Italics (that’s the font the used in GTA:Vice City).
For all unicode characters, it’s Arial Unicode.
Since most of my documents are not intended to be printed, I don’t have a font specifically used for ink & paper reading.

So what do you use?

Arial I guess…

I use Arial for Page and section headings, Times New Roman for documentation text, and Courier New for code samples and in all the code editors I use. I sometimes use Lucida Console for sidebar code, to make it stand out.

I’ve got a lot of fonts that I use for special rendering effects, and I’m particularly fond of one called “Little Lord Fontleroy”.

I use Arial with some added thickness so its kinda inbetween “bold” as it makes it easier to read IMO. This about the only font I can bare to use for small type.

Of course, there are some other fonts, linux (ubuntu) comes with a few nice ones but due to my work involving websites, arial is my main choice because of consistancy with the amount of computers /browsers that have it inaddition to the fact that it looks pretty damn good. A book I have here, now in front of me says “99.5% of all browser support arial” “nearly 100% of macs”, “85% of linux systems supprt arial” for any of you wondering. Visibone makes the book and im sure some of you would find it usfull - I have it because it lists every html tag so its a nice and good reference :slight_smile:

Larger type, such as titles and so on im more open to other fonts but this is done depending on the “piece” in question so I couldn’t give you a specific name, and I think would be the same for most people. I infact have somthing around £100 worth of fonts due to the fact that one font does not suit all.

I would change the font used in my documents, especially if being printed as i know certain countries /areas are brought up around say serif rather than san-serif so it would be wiser and easier for people of that area to read if it was more “native”. This is why we designer must research :wink:

With electronic documents I find it pointless due to the fact that uses can quite easily change the font themselfs if they find it hard to read… Like lord of the ring’s recent document on 3D stuff I think it was… The spacing is horrible - but who cares? I can change it in 2 seconds.

These days I tend to use Garamond almost exclusively for all documents, with the odd Times New Roman chucked in for footers. For code, I generally use some monospaced font such as Courier. For webpages however, I’m inclined to use Trebuchet MS or Tahoma.