which graphic cards are supported, can't find the blender specs...

I’m planning to get a new hardware, so I saw people using 780 ti,
but can’t find any official blender note where the cards (shader versions)
are written down …

So does the 780 ti work with 2.69 stable now,
or do I need a special or a buildbot build…??

Where can I find the supported shader version…?


titan works so yeah 780ti should work fine since it is basically the same as titan just a bit faster and a more complete version of the gk110 then titan.

I don’t know if there is a updated support list but maybe I will start one some time and see if it can get stickied.

Hi, some user test GTX 780/Ti with my benchmark file.
It seams there are working very good.


Cheers, mib.