Which Hardware for a new Windows system?


i’m new to blender and just planning for a new windows desktop system.
My budget is 1500 to 2000 $.

Which hardware components do you recommend in the given price segment:

(Single) Cuda graphics card? (according to the current benchmarks here I already looked for a gtx 780 with 3 GB GDDR5)

Hope this is the proper forum group for my questions…
If not please give me a hint.
Any links to infos about current hardware recommendations are also welcome.

Many thanks for any advice!


Hi Hardy,

I’m in the same boat, bought hardware a few days ago
I got 2 GTX 660’s with 2 gigs of vram
also 32 gigs of ddr3 at 1833 mhz a 250 gig ssd and a i7 4790k which won’t be released for another 10 days
still only cost $1500 but I had most of the other components I need laying around (case, optical drive etc).
It’ll be interesting to see how all this new high end hardware matches up


I got a GTX 780 oc with 6 gigs of vram
16 gigs of ddr3, a 250 gig ssd in a i7 4790k system…
The system will be shipped in the next days but I have to wait for the 780 another 2 weeks…