Which is slower?

While i am making my scripts i am often using Send Message and Copy Property.
Now i need to know which one of them is slower?

Thank you!

Choose the one that fits your needs.

If you have a 1:1 communication (known sender and known recipient) use property copy.

If the sender or the recipient do not care the other part of the communication choose the messages with subjects.

Thank you Monster!
I am using them like this :

If the player walks sends a messager ( walking) [Message]
If the player walks assign “walk” property (boolean type) True,else False.

The other object :
Copy property "walking " on “wallking 2” ( boolean) ,if “walking 2” equal True do that.
If message “wallking” positive do that.

I always broadcast the messages, i never choose targets ( will this slow it down?)

if not there some bug , the differences in this things is usually is too little to keep in count…
so the solution too fast is also the solution too easy, because you make it better…