which is the worst 3d app??

(kos) #1

which is the worst 3d-app do you think in the world?mine is: 3d canvas! :x

(PowerMacG4) #2

One that I can’t afford. That narrow it down to about 75% of them.

(stukkm) #3

ha! i laugh at your pitiful (no… wait a minute) ‘worst app!’ even though i’ve never tried that one and can’t compare but i’m quite sure that when it comes to sucking, this app owns. ahem CAD-3D by Expert Software. they’re the losers that bring you such wastes of time as ‘home design 3d’. i won’t get deep into the crap that CAD-3D is, but let’s just say:
-slow(est thing i’ve ever seen in terms of 3d)
-NO render (not that you’d want to render that junk)
-can only use objects provided (ie., if you want a sphere, you’ll be making it out of a whole lot of triangles)

and to top it off, i spent $16 dollars on it. pocket change compared to what people spend on professional stuff but i still could of used it for something else. too bad i didn’t have the internet at that time so i could find blender.

(Dittohead) #4


it’s all opinion.

except for certain apps, that can’t do crap, like just putting spheres and crap in then no renderer and such.

(SGT Squeaks) #5

ok, I think the worst app for a hobbyist is probably the expensive ones like miria and maya (unless they have a lot of money). but for people who want to do 3d modeling for a living it is definantly bryce and poser. No one has ever gotten a job as a 3d modeler with the best bryce or poser pics. But these two apps are great for hobbyist.

(Jamesk) #6

Adobe Dimensions is kind of a stinker… But that’s probably only if you come from ‘real 3D’. Ordinary 2D-designers might like it…

Anim8tor sucks as well… And any of those really, really old VRML-oriented ‘world builders’ and such… gah.

But as dittohead puts it - it’s all opinion. And purpose, I might add.

(hannibar) #7

My most hated 3d app is 3dcanvas too. It just stinks

(MaceG) #8

Oh yeah, 3D Canvas sucks out the ol’ A-hole. Hate it! Slow-poke piece of…

(Nayman) #9

worldcraft for building halflife levels…


my first 3d experiecne

(CubeFan973) #10

Now this is why I just use Blender all of the time! If I want something done, I’m so used to the interface that it’s easy to do anything (especially screwing up).

I guess that the worst 3D suite ever is “Lathe.” Actually it’s not too bad (I used it when I couldn’t figure out Blender… what idiotic days), but it can’t make things like normal looking human heads. It can’t do anything unless it’s circular… it’s almost the same thing as the Blender Spin function…

(NateTG) #11

BLENDER!. no! don’t flame me! Im just joking. :stuck_out_tongue:

my worst is 3d paint or something like that. It was stupid. You could only make a cone, cube or sphere, and only solid color materials, and no render. (If i remember right) Either that, or i totally missed something…

(haunt_house) #12

I think, notepad is the worst :smiley:

(S68) #13

sed and awk too aren’t that good…


(Eric) #14

M$ 3d, it’s so bad it doesn’t even exist.

(Timonides) #15

I agree with that…

But pico is the worst. It doesn’t have a raytracer!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

vi is best, though it would sure need a better GUI… :stuck_out_tongue:


(stukkm) #16

aw, come on. you just haven’t taken the time to learn it’s interface. but once you get going you can make incredible things. it even has a raytracer!

(kevin3d) #17

aw, come on. you just haven’t taken the time to learn it’s interface. but once you get going you can make incredible things. it even has a raytracer![/quote]

yeah…and its got a great community & renders really, really fast! :smiley:

(kos) #18

3d-canvas does not have a rendering function.i once tried to model a t-rex in it in my pre-blender era…i had to make the whole head out of some kind of what they call surface and the body out of cylinders!!no mesh,no nurbs,no curves…and it contains only the imported models from lightwave in the tutorials.and it is the slowest 3d app in the world i think.