Which method is better?

Hello, all

I made this cat with a cube, but it has some bulges in the corners. I don’t know whether it is better if I make an organic shape with a cube or start with a plane.

Thank you

You may try them both to see what you prefer.
Both are fine to use, I used to start with a plane and extrude from there.
Now I tend to start with basic geometry like cubes, and join them and add subdivisions and details as I go.

Maybe starting from a plane is simpler in the beginning.

The end result should be similar, it’s always a bunch of points that makes faces and all that forms an object. What you need to work and look into is about topology : how the mesh is structured in order to give a good shape without artifacts.

Once you look into that topology thing , then it’s not really important what road you take to get there.

A good exercise can be to model a hand :

This tutorial is for maya, but you should be able to redo the same thing in blender.

Good luck !


Or you may do it with Skin modifier as it is easy to rig the object when you need it