Which noe is the best for video converting

Hello, guys, I’m fond of video converting. I found three software on the internet, and I need to know which one is better. So, I hope you guys here could give me your precious advice:)

One named AoaoPhoto:http://www.aoaophoto.com/video-to-picture-converter/video-to-picture.htm

And one named WonderFox:http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/promotion.html

The other named FreeMake:http://www.freemake.com/free_video_converter/

I need your help. Thanks.

ffmpeg or libav, both are rock solid and free.

You asked your question in the wrong section.

Really:eek: No wonder nobody gave me a right answaer. Could you please tell me where to get my answers?

The most likely place to ask a question would be the Post Processing section.

How was mine not a right answer? you are looking for video converting, i gave you the best solution? ffmpeg is used by youtube / chrome / vlc / handbrake.

two notable guis are avanti and xmedia recode.

No one said that that it was not the right answer. He didn’t know where to ask the question.

Hi, bro, you misunderstood.

Thanks, man. You are so kind:yes:

Guys, I get my answer. I think Wonderfox seems better for me, it solved my video converting problems. Thanks you guys, and I will share it with more members here:yes:

I prefer FreeMake better, because it isfree.

Yes, it’s great.:yes:

Hi, you need to read this, bro:

Wow, you must be a good Google user:eek:

Have you tried FFmpeg / LibAV yet?