Which point along the bone influences the vertices the most?

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I’ve a rather basic doubt that I never bothered about over the months of rigging I’d been doing. That is, when a vert is set to be influenced by a bone, which part of the bone is the vert attracted to? The head or the tail or the center or the part of the bone that’s closest to the vert?

And is there a way to change this point of attraction?

Any reply is most appreciated!

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None of the above. The vertex undergoes the same transformations (translations and rotations) as the bone. If the bone is displaced by some amount, so is the vertex; if the bone is rotated through some angle around its head, so is the vertex.

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Wow… this I did not realize. It makes sense now. And the axis of rotation of the vert is that of the influencing bone!

Thanks so much, Matthew!