Which reflection map type to use for Viewport, BI and BGE (preferably with nodes)?

I’ve been at it for days but i don’t seem to get the reflection map to work properly. blender wiki isn’t helpful at all, no video tutorials about the subject on youtube (very strange).
Priority is respectively for Blender Viewport, Blender Internal and Blender Game Engine. I don’t know how to use the nodes because in the “Geometry” node there’s no reflection output option.
I have used angular map, equirectangular maps, cube maps, none of them work properly.
i’ve used mapping coord “refelection” with projections “flat”, “cube”, “tube”, “sphere”.
I’ve probably missed something extremely simple, but please help! Preferably with a .blend file with a material nodes setup.
thanks in advance.

Are you trying to map the hdr to the world or to an object? I’m guessing you are trying to apply it to the cubes?

The cubes are example objects to show that the reflections are wrong in all three reflection maps types (see image I posted), if I used Suzanne the monkey it wouldn’t have been obvious or noticed that the reflections are wrong. I’m trying to fake reflections because realtime “real” reflections aren’t an option in games and if you want to fast render or preview an animation for example (so the “almighty” cycles is not an option). Therefor it’s a practice to use fake reflections via a reflection map in other 3d programs and game engines, but blender doesn’t seem to work like other programs. I thought my initial post clarified what I wanted, a way to use “reflection maps” effectively. In the image above I used an “angular map” for the left cube, an “equirectangular map” for the middle cube and a “cube map in horizontal cross format” for the right one, for all three I used shadeless material to see the reflections better.

Edit: when I talk about reflection map I mean environment map, I’ve been googling a bit and on Wikipedia it’s called reflection mapping, on Polycount it’s called environment mapping, angular map is also called a spherical environment map or sphere map (most often used for matcaps btw).

I’m asking because you mention AngMap, and Equirectangular, and they aren’t even an option for the material texture, just the world. If you were texturing the world, you would use AngMap for the particular file in your case, but you should be using Reflection and Cube for the cubes(although I’m still working on it, I haven’t done this in a while) :slight_smile:

The first miball looks wrong. I have no clue what it attempts to do there.
The second equirec looks kinda right, at least from that angle. But I’m guessing you already examined that.
The third cubemap looks wrong, but does the image have the right “cube format”? I’ve never used these.

Sorry, I don’t have a clue about BI, but is this what you want to accomplished (here in Cycles)?

Although in Cycles I guess it would be rather pointless, since we don’t have fake specular highlights. And due to direction of trace, I can only make floor fade away with distance on it’s material (to mix fake and real reflections), rather than on the object material itself (basically, fade reflections towards environment mapping, to save render time).

If it’s not what you want to achieve, then just ignore this reply.

What type of reflection map should I use for objects? The viewport and BGE don’t show same image as Blender Internal when changing projections in the mapping, only “Flat” projection is same for al three.