Which Render Engine Makes More Sense in This Case?

I’m working on a cartoon and I’m trying to decide which render engine is more worthwhile. I’m asking in terms of aesthetic appeal and render time. I have 980 frames to render for this one scene. The render time listed below is per frame, but my render will be split between two computers. Here is a screenshot from each render engine I’m considering.

Blender Internal
Render Time: About 30 seconds

Cycles Render (CPU)
Render Time: About 6 minutes
128 Samples

If this were your project, which render engine would you choose?


I’d go with BI, judging from this one frame. The BI materials are appropriately cartoonish and vibrant, there’s no noise, and 8 hrs vs 98 is no contest. However, Cycles may be indicated if you have a significant number of scenes or frames where you need raytracing (soft shadows, AO, environmental lighting, glossy reflections). BI raytracing seems to bog down on those effects.

The only one of those things i really have to worry about is the AO, which is in all of my frames. However, it hasn’t really been causing me much of an issue.

I’d use Blender Internal and bake the Ambient Occlusion.

That’s a good idea. Baking will probably save a lot of rendering time.