Which Sim for a Crash?!


I’m preparing my Bachelor thesis in which i compare Maya (and in some parts Houdini) with Blender. In my Scene a Train crashes into a Car and then deforms the Car with the help of a physics simulation.

I tried using Cloth but i dont think i can get the Cloth as Rigid as Metall… Soft Bodies work a little bit better but I would like to constrain some of the Objects to another (the Car has single Objects for its Body( Door, Sides, Roof etc…)). What kind of works is that I joined the single Parts together and merged some Vertices so that some parts are connected and move with the objects which has a Collision. But the problem is that not all the parts of the Car share the same Attributes(a plastic should not behave like metall) and so I cant merge them…
Also I tried using Hooks but somehow they dont seem to be affected by a Physics Simulation, or am I doing something wrong?!

So what can I use for doing a realistic(or at least as realistic as possible) Car Crash in Blender?!

Thanks for helping


No one has any idea how i could make the Dynamics for the Crash?

What your attemting is hard, softbodys are your best bet.

hope this helps

Yeah, i think so too. With vertex groups and weight painting I think i can get a decent result.

Also is it good to use Collision and SoftBody on one object ?! Its slow but it works fine with collisions between my objects.