Which Subforum Should be Used for Suggestions of Improvements to Blender?

The title says it all. Please let me know where to post.

Blender already supports using the mouse wheel to adjust the number of Edge Loops or Bevel facets. It would certainly improve my workflow if we had the same thing for the subdivide selected edges command. So, if I wanted to subdivide some edges three times, I could select 3 using the mouse wheel, rather than having to change an entry in the Tool Shelf or the F6 dialog box.

I’m guessing such proposal would belong to general blender and cg discussion so that people can review and discuss it.

Keyword being proposal, with visuals, explaining why the change would improve your workflow, how you propose it should work.

From your description, I’m not at all convinced such change should be made to improve your workflow. It might, but my initial thought is that your modeling workflow is flawed.

If that might be the case, might get suggestions for alternatives by posting a thread in modeling support subforum with the description of:

  • what you’re doing,
  • what kind of problem you have because of the missing feature,
  • what the end result should be
  • and for which purpose (still, animation, game engine, 3d printing, other (what?)).
    And also including an example .blend.

@JA12, Thanks for the suggestion. I will post where you suggest.

I have a question about your comments. If one is doing something frequently that requires moving from the 3D view to enter data in the Tool Shelf or the (F6) dialog box and that could be replaced by a roll of the mouse wheel–without manually entering data or moving from the 3D view, that seems more efficient to me. Maybe I’m missing something.

The word ‘frequently’ suggests that. You’re doing a repetitive task. If your modeling workflow consists of subdividing a selection of edges repeatedly, that sounds strange since I don’t model like that. It’s also strange because depending on the selection, it can require even more work to clean it up. Or it might just be a selection problem. Can’t know without specifics.

I’m not saying you wouldn’t need the change since I don’t know what you’re actually doing. Just suspicious about the benefits of having subdivision changed to modal for everyone.

You’re mentioning a tool change but no reason for it. If you’re cutting a lawn with a knife and suggest that knives should have double blades to speed up your workflow, that would sound strange. If you’re cutting grass next to an anxiety clinic, that would make more sense, but people might still suggest a scythe since there are many ways of cutting grass without making too much noise.