While walking animation mesh is garbled


The avatar in A pose seems to be perfect but while walking animation the trouser and shirt are getting torn on various sides.



Is there any configuration part am missing ?


This issue is bugging me for a while actually i tried by making the trouser as cloth and added sub-division modifier still the issue is persisting

@Calandro need yur help for this issue

FYI: Animated avatar


Sorry, It would be great if you could give us information about what you did to achieve that result. Your screenshots don’t show enough information to help us help you. It would be great if you could show your modifiers and cloth settings. The best would be if you could share a blend file.

Thanks for yur time @Calandro for yur time…

am sharing the blend file link.

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Hi, the problems are related to the weights. you have the right shin weights on the left leg and other joints are not properly weighted. You need to subtract the weights that are on the wrong side.

See image:


Thanks digitvisions…

I tried by yur approach… just subracted the weights of both legs and ensured they r in same weights but same issue is persisting…
the other approach i tried was… made the trouser as “cloth” and body as “collision” still same issue is persisting

Hi, your mesh seams are not connected and also your body mesh has deferent weights then the clothes. The body mesh is not really needed you only need the parts that are exposed.

Thanks @digitvisions for yur insight.

i tried by subtracting the weights on both legs(mesh) and ensured they are in blue color but still same issue persisting.

I am trying other way around to adjust the vertices,
i selected trouser in object mode and edit mode are completely mismatching. can u throw some light wht is the issue

Hi, edit mode is the state of the mesh before weights add, and object mode is as posed/animated.
There is no way you can use this trousers mesh without first fixing the unconnected seams.

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@digitvision can u share some video solving this issue , am stuck tried the best i can…

I don’t think there is a specific tutorial to your problem. I suggest you re model the trousers.

while importing the .fbx file pls ensure “ignore leaf Bones” and “Automatic Bone Orientation” are selected.

Once imported successfully, ensure parenting is done with “Automatic weights”