Whilst Texture painting

My problem relates to after one finishes texture painting and saves the texture. So, I’ve finished painting, I’ve saved the image, everything is good. I decide to take a break, see there’s a new version of Blender out, and so without further thought I install it.

Now the issue I’m facing is that when I open my .blend file and try to load the image, it simple doesn’t. I saved it as a .png file, but is it possible it got corrupted? I tried touching it up in Photoshop, yet it didn’t recognise the file as a .png.

Come to think of it, it is a bit of a silly problem but I’d appreciate a second opinion or two. I’ve been debating starting over (the texture painting) but if I can somehow salvage what I already have, then I have no complaints.


Are you saving with the ‘save image as’ and naming a file name for the image in your texture directory? Did photoshop open the image at all? Could you save it again from photoshop as png and reconnect it to your material?

I’m quite certain I did use ‘Save Image as …’. Apart from that, I opened and saved it as a .png using Paint - that allows me to open it up in Photoshop now, so there’s that done. I then opened it in Photoshop and saved it as a .png as you suggested.

Now, oddly enough, when I select it under the UV/Image Editor (Image -> Open Image -> texPaint.png), nothing happens. I click on the drop down menu to cycle through the images associated with the .blend and the texPaint.png isn’t listed. What I find strange is that I can open any other kind of picture, as well as any previous texture paint images I have saved.

Probably a good idea just to discard the faulty file?

Edited to add: Aha, still fiddling with it, I saved it as a .jpeg and it opened without any issues. Now I’m even more curious as to why the .png version doesn’t open.

Sometimes there are very bad issues with pngs generated by Blender when there is a file issue - I have at times taken problem images and converted to another format that supports alpha channel, like targa or tiff.

Good to know, many thanks for the input! I’ll keep that in mind the next time I save images and the like.