Whiskey Ice Ball

While I’m not much of a Whiskey drinker myself, I liked the challenge of creating a scene with multiple nested dielectrics. (In this case glass → whiskey → ice → air bubbles)

Cycles, post processing in Darktable

I separated the transparent interfaces into individual meshes and calculated the IOR of each interface by dividing the respective IORs of the adjacent materials.
For example the IOR of the interface Glass (IOR: 1.5) → Whiskey (IOR: 1.356) would be 1.5 / 1.356 = 1,106…

It’s easy to mix up the values, especially when more interfaces are involved, but I think visually it looks more or less correct.

Leaf texture from Autumn Leaves by Wojciech Piwowarczyk

Any feedback would be appreciated :smiley: