White Armchair

modeled with blender then adjusted with phoshop.
rendered with blender internal


Very good, as all of your works!
Could you share some insight on the fluffy carpet material?

WoW very nice :o

thank you

x carrozza: it is a particle system of blender. the material is a white colour with small emit and translucent. that’s all.

superb use of lighting and knowledge of the internal render, good work!

Wow, really hard to belive it’s blender internal. Lighting is awsome!

thank you.
is a blender and photoshop.

awesome man! not only the render, but the composition… the red and blue complement each other nicely and provide a nice contrast… as do the very dark areas against the bright wall./…

The arm part of the arm chair confuses me. It seems almost like it’s reflecting another material but it’s clear it’s not. Is it the same texture as those paintings?

You are really good at getting close to photorealism using BI!
But why don’t you use a different render engine to make your workflow a lot easier?

thank you.

The arm si different material. It is plastic.

Because my computer don’t support an external render engine. It is very old.

wonderful blender work. you deserve two thumbs…:slight_smile:

thank you so much.

Great work and composition there! But I believe for this kind of a thing you should try out an external renderer.