White artifacts when rendering minecraft character

Hello everyone! I finished building my very own Minecraft rig, and I put a steve skin on it. The problem is, that when I animate it the extruded hair parts get giant black and white artifacts… It happens mainly when the head moves. Here is a picture:http://i.imgur.com/1TvIhiL.jpg
And a picture of the mesh: http://i.imgur.com/Se1tmKI.jpg
I am using blender internal.

If anyone could help me on this, thanks in advance! This is really bugging my project!


Check your uvs, or make a picture of them and show them to us.

Hey Therahedwig! Thank you so much for your answer, but I think I found the problem… I screwed up my shapekeys! This is going to be so much work :frowning: Thanx anyway!