White background helps, but not after rendering

Hi, I am trying to make a glass folder here. During last week, I tried various guides and videos and managed to get a decent output. But sadly, in all my attempts, folder looks dull or washed when used with white background.


Luckily, when I use a white podium as seen in the image the folder looks perfect with a white background as well. But the trouble comes when I render the folder, render has that white background too and it is hard to get rid of even with GIMP.

Gradient HDRI

The last image was rendered a white background and it looks exactly as I like to have. But you can notice some imperfections on its borders.

Is it possible to render while taking advantage of brightness that white podium provides and yet achieve an image with a transparent background? Something like export selected. Thanks

This is my best attempt to remove the almost white background from render output. There are so many imperfections at the edges : (

Podium 3 test 2 bg

Your glass must reflect environment. If you have not any environment, your glass only reflect dark grey environment and looks dull.

For transperent background, use “Render > Film > Transparent”.

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Thanks. I have added an .hdr file and used World to link it. But even with that, I get images like these without white box + transparent background.


I do not know much about using the environment. I tried 3 different .hdr files, there was not much change in the image.

Gradient HDRI 2

Please see the same HDRI image with white box (above). It is almost from the same .blend file as the above dull image, but with white box.

What is you shader setup.

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Please see

Your roughness a little high. Then, use Multiscatter GGX and if low, increase “Render > Light Paths” values.

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Where can I find this option ? I changed the roughness value. Can you please check the Render > Light Paths value ?

Light Paths good, GGX / Multiscatter GGX on Principled.

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My adventures with lighting didn’t go well. I am back to the original post. Is there any way we can avoid this light box / white background after taking advantage of the reflection and lighting it provides to the original scene ? I am using Blender 2.83 and would like to use Eevee in this case. Thanks.

Update :

I tried Matte - Difference Key Node. It selects white but how to avoid it ?