White background: what's the right way?

:stuck_out_tongue: I stay up way too late…

Seems to me the second post in this thread was the best solution. :slight_smile:

you may also have a look at Szolt Stephan’s articel “GI and HDRI lightning in Yafray” in blenderart magazine issue 3 http://www.blenderart.org/download.html
he uses GI Power 0.8 and EmitPwr 1.2 to achieve a white background.

I was going to completely forget this great resource when today I’ve taken a look at it and paid attention right to the n. 3, but still not sure it should have been the right one for what I was looking for …
Happy to see that you’re confirming that, bodi.
Now I’m starting to get fun with blender!
The settings explained by Zsolt Stephan are really useful! not only good results but much faster then my previous attempts.

Thanks for helping on this issue.

Any progress on this? Did anybody achieve usefull results?


I played around with some settings of yafray. I am getting closer and closer to the result I want. What dou you think?

Yes I know, the shadows need to be optimized. I had no time to play around with the yafray settings. Especially at the four little grey cubes.



wow you guys this has been a very usefull threat to mee :smiley:
Good job opening it sandstorm!

Here you find also .blend files and more information (if you speak German):