White bohemian style bedroom

This project was an exploration into fabrics using both Blender fabric simulation and Marvelous Designer fabric sim. Everything from Marvelous designer was then touched up in Blender using sculpting tools :slight_smile:

Everything was then finally rendered using Corona Renderer, and took about 45minutes each render :slight_smile:

What took the longest was that ass of a headboard haha

Wow, amazing job. The cloth sim is pretty well done. If you had to compare between both cloth simulation system, would you have any preferences ?

Absolutely Marvelous Designer. Blender is good for simple draping (like the ceiling blanket thing), but Marvelous Designer allows you to stitch fabric together farrrrr more easily. Such as making the 2 halves of a duvet, stich them together and then put on a duvet cover.

There is a free trial so iā€™d highly recommend giving it a go