White circle around cursor?

I keep running into this issue due to my fat-fingering of some key/click combination I’ve not been able to pinpoint. So I’m hoping someone can tell me what on earth I’m doing and how to reverse it.

Apparently I get a wee bit too eager with my key pressing and/or tablet tapping and toggle on some function that results in a smallish white circle within the (usually) red circle of my cursor (being in Sculpt Mode). When this is on I am unable to use other tools - clearly it’s for some specific function of which I have no current knowledge. So I don’t know what to search for in order to find the keystrokes and exit the function.

Eventually it somehow reverts on its own but it would be nice to know what it is, exactly, that I keep toggling.

Thank you!

you are probably hitting “f” by mistake , the white cursor is used to change the size of your brush i think.

like this?

then you probably have the pivot point set to the 3D cursor.

It’s neither of those. I use “F” a lot already so I’m used to that function. The white circle is much thicker than the second example. I wish I could get a screenshot of it but it disappears when I attempt it.

I did notice though that if I try to click on anything it appears to offer options to edit the panel…? For instance, one option I’ve seen is to pin a panel. It’s very sensitive though and if I move my stylus at all the little flyout menu disappears. Oh yes, and for some reason all of this only happens with the stylus - using my mouse everything behaves as normal. I’ve checked tablet settings (Cintiq HD13) and don’t see anything obvious but it might provide another clue.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Is it this ? If so it’s a Wacom / OS issue (google cintiq white circle)

That’s exactly it! Thank you so much! I was leaning toward it being a tablet issue. I also pinpointed what was causing it (mashing both stylus buttons at the same time, effectively middle and right clicking at once).