White dots in rendered image

The link is to the rendered product I am new to blender and still have alot to learn and would appreciate any tips as to how to fix this problem any time i add light to the scene more white dots appear ruining the depth and overall quality of the picture any suggestions


bad scene.blend (642 KB)

Hey, welcome to the forum. The white dots you are experiencing are called noise. And its because you are using cycles render engine, which is a path tracing engine, which renders image till you tell it to stop, and you do that by values called samples. You will find this value in render tab, under Sampling. There are two values, one for the final render, and another for the preview. The higher the samples in the final render, the cleaner and less noisier image you’ll get. Although there are various tweaks to get cleaner renders, tips about efficient lighting, and shaders setup that will help reduce these noises significantly.

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happy blending

Thanks a bunch that helped alot this forum is awesome thank you very much hope to keep learning ill post the better product tmrrw