White-Grey Bedroom

Hi All,
this is my recent project, a guest bedroom for an office

Blender 2.79 w/ denoiser, filmic, and principled BSDF
2000 samples w/ denoiser still not enough for this scene :no:

CnC are welcome! :eyebrowlift:




very very realistic although it lacks some personalisation

I like it very much.

Maybe too much CA for my taste :wink:

Thanks marinapado. sorry for some lacks. hopefully next project better.

Noted! Thanks Sun Burn. :slight_smile:

Too much CA? I’m newb to Blender, what is CA? Or are you saying it’s to Californian for your taste? Sooo confused…

Nice piece though, I love renders like this, very inspiring.

CA = Chromatic Aberration
Thanks, sir

Did you use Light Portal on the window? I get noise free interiors @500-1000 samples with denoiser

No, I didn’t. maybe I must add Light Portal for next project. Thanks, sir :slight_smile:

How did you make such a great duvet cover. I have been looking around on how to accomplish that.

the duvet from other resource like 3dsky, sir

Downside is with the denoise you see a lot details lost. The images are great, but i think they look better if they get more sample. Now they look kind of blurred.

Wow! The level of photo real is inspiring. I could imagine myself waking up in that bed… and freaking out about the cats “staring” at me!

Thanks a lot @rombout. yes, I really need more samples for better result and of course will increase rendering time :frowning:

Thanks! glad to hear it :slight_smile:

sorry to ask: “CA” is for ?
(I’ve googled though …)

Probably “Chromatic Aberration”, see image below

@ubi_laptop : CA is Chromatic Aberration

Thanks for answer @rombout :slight_smile: