White Lines Between Objects

I am kind of new to the whole animation aspect in fact still in high school. I am trying to make a Minecraft character rig and I want to make some 3-D hair. I did not know how to quite make it so I kind of when just did something pretty simple. It isn’t the greatest in any means, but any how the point is every time I render it white lines show up between objects or joined objects. I don’t know how to fix this and would like help (a picture is posted below of the problem).

Also, if anybody has made Minecraft rigs or could make a Minecraft rig like the one used for the main character from the youtube channel series Dig Build Live. Or if you could make the king from Fallen Kingdom/Boy of the prophecy (main character) in Take Back The Night minecraft animation/song. The reason why I would like to see rigs of this is because I want to kind of base my rigs off of these and get all or most of the same movements.


Fixed it! :slight_smile:

For future googlers, could you share your solution?