-White living-

Hi…this is my last render
-white living-
Blender Cycles
1000 samples
Hope you like it…


Excellent work!
For only 1000 samples the final result is really clean.
I’m curious about your lighting setup.

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I use HDRI and light area in every window, and also portal in front of each window, for exposure I made 1.0, just that’s it.

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Simple but effective !! :slight_smile:
The effect of lampshade is desidered?
I think it is a very special material delicate to manage to have a final photorealistic result…

for Effect of the lampshade was disconnected
I use point light and postpro in ps to add flare effect.

overall my matrial only use principle bsdf :slight_smile:

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Oh wow! Very nice.

So, area lamps on windows, as well as area lamps on windows turned to portals?

thanks Okavango,

yes that lights I made the portal