white retro sofa

im trying to get this to look pretty realalistic but havent got there yet heres the link please check it out

Hard to say much right now. What type of fabric is it going to b upholstered with? The overall design is definately retro.

I would increase the subsurf on the model itself. Maybe add buffered shadows with a little softness. Maybe use AO or Yafray when you’re rendering. Depending on how realistic of a room you’re trying to model, you could add a baseboard, electric socket, a picture hanging above the couch, a lamp, a crack in the wall(maybe not), etc.

well here is a link to what is is saposta be like uh i believe its a leather sofa. does anyone have a good leather texture. or any link to good lighting tuts


heres an update things im still planing on adding are uh a lamp and maybe a bowl or something else on the table then im gonna start messing with the lighting im still not happy with the carpet right now its just a texture anyone know of a way to make it look more real and kinda shaggy. oh also might change the picture on the wall i just put that one in as sort of a place holder but might leave it dunno


alr9ight well here it is im trying to work on the like the lighting here


Looking good. Right now it looks like a video game. The shadows are too sharp, I think. You almost(almost) never see shadow that aren’t a little soft. Something still doesn’t look right with the sofa. The way the light hits it, I don’t know. But all in all it looks good.

yeah i was thinking the same thing about the shadows but i dont know how to fix that. also i agree with the sofa thing one of the main problems with it is i have been having a hard time trying to get a good leather material anyone know of one?

slight update still trying to get the lighting right but man is this crap tricky


You might want to try ambient occulusion in the world tab. That gives a soft shadow to everything. Also Perhaps add a bit more detail to the models? Its getting there!

ambiant occlusion is on in that picture i believe but im not really sure how to adjust things on it. the little shadows under everything is something ive been trying to achieve for awhile but cant get em to show up