wHite sHoes eAsily gEt dIrty

I started with a character design idea and while doing the shoes i thought it would be cool to go into the details. Here is the result :

[eDit] : New version : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Dw0jHHFzAg4/TcdK2_ru5WI/AAAAAAAACHg/sQMhzWhhLwk/s1600/shoe-final100-stan+P+v3.png

[eDit2] : Turntable + wireframes

Done entirely with Blender 2.57 and GIMP.

Hope you like it !

C&C are welcome.


Nice materials. I think the sole of the shoe is out of place - it feels like a flat texture. The leather toe of the shoe on the left looks like it has more depth than the tread. Nicely done, and I like the shoe design as well.

Personally I think job well done mate :slight_smile:

Thanks !
Here is a little update : i made some changes on the sole :


I think it all looks good, but the laces are weird. How would the shoelaces work when they are drawn like that? They should go in a cross pattern instead. I hope you understand what Im getting at. Non the less, good work.

@Magnush : you’re right. My last render show you the way i lace my shoes :wink:

Thanks for the comments.


Great renders! Good job :slight_smile:

Here is a turntable + wireframes for those interested :smiley: :

Shoes shoes i like shoes

If there is one thing i can’t model until now it shoes. All my characters have bare feet because my shoes look like crap. So I’m kinda jealous. Only thing that doesn’t work for me are the colors. But hey - it’s your design and I’ll wait for the finished character.

Soooo - nice work :slight_smile: