White streaks/distortions in texture painting…

Newbie trying to learn and practice texture painting. Have been watching this video as it is the easiest for me to follow along with.

I have used the same settings as in the video but even so, I get white streaks and distortions showing up in render, material and solid mode.

  1. Why does this happen?

  2. Would changing the smart UV settings prevent this? If so, what settings should I use, and where specifically?

In your shader editor, take the image node (for the image texture you’re painting on) and change the dropdown from Cubic to Smart


Thanks for your response…

I don’t know how to use shader nodes….yet as I am a beginner.

Did you see the video link in the original post? I use this to teach myself texture painting.

Can you please tell me at what point ( in the video ) I am to make your suggested changes to the shader node? Never done this before, and wouldn’t know where to begin.

Select your object, switch to Shading workspace ( top row ), on the bottom you see the Shader Editor ( :bubbles: bubble icon on lower top left ) then follow @joseph’s tip (in the video it isn’ used):


( see ? sometimes small images are much more informative)

Thank you Sir!!!