Who am I?

Who am I?

I want to make a game. Iv’e been using blender for about 2 or 3 weeks now. I want to make a MMORPG. Can someone teach me how to model and make characters? Also, I need a script that will let players play online. It has to be python, but I don’t know how to use python anyway. Can someone teach me that too?
Next, what are logic bricks, and do I have to use them? I think they are ghey.
How do i make a lodaing screen?
I don’t know how to use blender, but if you direct me to any tutorials, I’ll get really angry. I posted this before I bothered to search for the same topic.I have a short attention span. People must bow down before me.
I may be younger than 12 years old, or I may just have that mentality.

Am I:
a) a young, brash child who wants the world but doesn’t want to work for it
b) a person who abuses others for no apparent reason, but expects them to be nice to me
c) a complete idiot
d) all of the above, but twice the amount of ©

There just seems to be alot of people around like that. Hope they get a chance to read this.

When I first started reading this, I thought it was serious :D.

This topic should be Calvin balled.

(Yes I fell for it too).

Argh! You got me too!

Dx that… that struck deep into me and left a scar… the truth always hurts.

I first thought ‘yet another noob trying to make an MMORPG’.

God dammit mate! Don’t do that! It is horrendous! I smacked my head on the keyboard!

In the beginning I read all these flamethreads about newbies, now I realise how annoying is, the “MMORPG cry” that is is…

(I am serious)

please, prevent n00b abuse

Where’s Plant? :slight_smile:

definetly D

lol that’s funny…wait, are you serious?..
"wait, did you really say MMORPG, or are my elven ears cheated by some spell??


I didnt start this thread to abuse noobs. Hell, I’m still a noob myself. I started it for 3 reasons.
*Show new users that fit the OP that you won’t make a MMORPG
*Give them a wake up call
*Provide humour

I want to make a MMORPG

I may be younger than 12 years old, or I may just have that mentality.

You have a good chance to start making some good quality stuff at a young age but making a MMORPG when you don’t even know the first thing about the GE will guarentee failure. Many new kids have fallen into this trap and don’t get anything worth playing done as a result.

Read all the tutorials you can possibly get, then make a simple 1 player game. At least one that requires minimum work to get your feet wet in the world of game development.

Logic bricks are neccesary, you need them to even execute python codes, they’re powerful once you get a handle on them.

And younger then 12 and your parents allow you on the internet? I wasn’t even allowed on the internet at that age,

Social’s going to really grill you for this so be prepared when he posts.

EDIT: I think I found this was a joke, well there’s my reply anyway

:stuck_out_tongue: ROFL
I edited the OP so you can tell it was a joke

“What is a logic brick?”…and you want to make an MMO…yah…whatever helps you sleep at night…

Social’s going to destroy you…be prepared…


Here I am.

Very nice parody.