Who created this artwork?

Artstation link… as usual: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lR2mqa

Why did i ask this question?
I toyed around with Stable Diffusion, a AI image generating tool and discovered, that it actually creates pretty decent compositions, lets tap into that resource!
As the AI is learning a lot from existing art, i decided to learn from the ai as well.

I found a nice concept art made by this tool (on lexica.art) and wanted to rebuild this in 3D.
Because that would be probably a bit too simple and i wanted a new challenge i decided that all textures must be created by Stable diffusion.
With this limitation i dug deeper into the tool and discovered some ways of getting usable textures out of it (use the prompt “a photograph of a … wall” to get almost ortho images of something).
It was pretty versatile in the images i got out of it. From noisy surface to FX and grunge maps, it seems to be possible to get usable images from it. Pretty nice, as they are also not bound to a license, free to use :slight_smile:
Minor work was put into making the images then tile able in Gimp.

Anyways, the 3D part was done with Blender following my usual greeble workflow.
Foreground Robot was rigged with rigify.
Rendered with Cycles, 1k samples in about 2 minutes on a rtx3060.
Post processing in the Blender compositor.

All textures were made with AI:

Viewport shot:

And all used greeble bits for creating this environment.


And because animations can be uploaded here, two more videos.

The creation process:

A looping pan of the scene:


I like this workflow; using AI as inspiration and for textures etc sounds great!


Superb work.
That’s a very interesting and creative use of those AI generating tools, this is going to be helpful to a lot of people when they’re out of inspiration.

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Indeed, helps you to unstuck your mind if you dont know what to! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thank you Sanctuary!
I can just recommend to play around with it and try to use the generated images not as “final” piece but to take them somewhere else.
Right now it is replacing pinterest for me in regards to getting inspiration.
For textures it is still a bit more difficult, the online libraries are just better and more tailored to 3d art, so that was the challenge here.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!