who did it?

one of my first tests with yaf(a)ray
rendered in 1min,20sec, in ubuntu 8.04, 1.9GHz turion64x2, 3G ram.


Very nice!

you did, you just told us…

thanks for the replies…
“who did it?” … i was pertaining to the plant lying on the floor… :smiley:
crits and comments on how to improve the scene more are most welcome.

Very nice scene.
Maybe you should emphasise on the plant lying on the floor, by adding some spilled water or soil around it.

yeah, I did’t notice the plant at first. It’s not the focal point. Maybee you should lower the lightning in the rest of the scene and add a spot or something like that on the plant.

If you move the plant just slightly to the right, so it’s in the light, the line of the wall will lead up to it and it will be a much more prevalent focal point. add some dirt and water and this will be golden.

hey thanks! i’ll try those as soon as i can. i’ll post again some updates.

Funny idea, works with the title. Unfortunately it takes a second to understand it because the plants are sort of in the background. You focus on the hall with the railing thing right away, but if there was another plant in there it would lead your eye into the background more effectively.

i tried moving the plant and pot nearer, to focus it more. i’ll try to add some dirt on the floor next time…:slight_smile:


update… C&C still welcome :wink:


hmm, not sure, but I think I prefered when the fallen plant was the last of the row.
I ‘led’ the eyes in the image, to the end of the corridor, instead of stopping them midway.

(but I like the other details addition :wink: )

i think, i like that, too. but details seem not visible at that distance :frowning:

Hello everybody, could anyone please help me to install yafaray in ubuntu?
is that possible to do it for somebody who is completely new in linux?

thanks a lot


hi all!
took me some time before i could post some updates, but here it is! :yes:
i returned the plant to the end of the line…


I think that the window in the foreground is slightly distracting…
Otherwise it looks great!

there…i removed the window. how is it?


try breaking the pot, so it looks as if something actually happened…

I think that the pot should be in the nearest row, so that the details are more noticible.

It’s really nice. I was impressed with the lighting in particular. I liked the plant in the original position. Once you notice it it seems to be the best place for it. Maybe some dirt on the floor from it would be a good addition. One thing though that seems out of place is the handle on the wall. It kind of sticks out. Maybe it’s the lighting or something.