WHO has good experience with blender and Pixie

hi all,

ok let me refrase my question. because i do not have the time at the moment to investigate it, i was curious if somebody who has experience with pixie might tell me about his working experience. what are the strenght and downfalls of it.

how much work is actualy involved to get scene from blender into pixie
rendered out in a way you want them to.





From what I heard, the good thing about Pixie is it supports a lot of the latest prman features. On the downside, it is supposed to be unstable but since it was used in production, I’m guessing that’s probably been sorted.

I can’t actually test Pixie out because I keep getting an error about libtiff. I downloaded the libtiff library using fink but it says it needs a different version.

The people at the sfx company who used Pixie released the script they used over at blender.org:


For the moment I’m dabbling with 3delight and I’m just using the Blenderman script.

Maybe the best person to ask would be grzybu: